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We recognise that you you have a choice of Edinburgh Garages. If you have not used us before, then we invite you to try us for honesty, reliability, and value for money. If you are one of our many existing customers, then we look forward to welcoming you back for all your car servicing and MOT needs.


Established in 1995 Greenend Motors Edinburgh is a friendly and professional business that has developed into a thriving business offering a full range of garage services; including official MOT testing.

Whatever your automotive issue, from brake repairs to tyre tracking, we have the equipment and the expertise to keep your vehicle running at its best. When you call us or drop by the garage, you can expect a warm welcome, straightforward advice, and a prompt resolution.


We use the most advanced electronic diagnostic equipment available to quickly identify and resolve problems with all of your vehicles engine and electrical systems.

At Greenend Motors we believe that we are one of the best Edinburgh Garages around and would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that to you. We can answer any question relating to vehicle diagnostics, car servicing, and repairs.


Why not try us out and allow our skilled car mechanics to inspect your car and suggest the best servicing or repair option for you.

Engine DecontaminationTreatment

The only Engine Decontamination Treatment Available in Edinburgh

EDT offers the following benefits:

  • Lowering emissions by an average of 69%
  • Up to 26% improvement in fuel economy
  • Prevents premature engine wear
  • A smoother quieter engine

Contact us now to arrange your EDT service

Engine Decarbonisation

The only Terraclean Service Provider in Edinburgh.

Terraclean is a unique decarbonisation system, applicable to both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Terraclean offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced emisions through removing most deposits from your engine

  • Regain performance through the removal of carbon deposits

  • Restore MPG.

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